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Nour is built on a dream of presenting classic Lebanese flavours in a fresh, exciting way. We’ve all seen what the beautiful tangy tenors of pomegranate molasses do for a salad, we know that we can mould meat on a stick and cook it over coals to make it pack a punch of flavour and all power to the sultry eggplant that shines when dressed as baba ganoush.


Why then, would we deem to adapt that which has worked for decades?


Because we think you deserve to know what the little country on the Mediterranean has hiding in its Cedar branches. Take a leap outside of the box while your eyes flirt with our beautiful, contemporary interior and your senses are set alight. You think you know Lebanese food but we want to show you the surface is yet to be scratched and there is so much more to offer.


At Nour, we take classic Lebanese flavours and playfully tease out their full potential. Who said falafel has to roll to the same old beat, meal after meal? Why does eggplant only get to hang out smashed with tahini? Don’t you think the humble vine leaf deserves to encase a little mystery once in a while? We use an unrestricted approach to create food and cocktails that are vibrant and bold, yet familiar and comfortable. So dive in and lose yourself to a feast of enchantment that you’ve never tried before.

Nour is fully licensed

Nour Sydney Surry Hills Dinner Menu


Our menu is designed to be shared as per the Middle Eastern tradition.
We suggest choosing six dishes to share between 2 guests, spread from all sections of the menu.


Turkish nigella house bread, smoked butter with chickpea miso –  4ea


Freshly shucked oysters, ayran, green onion, finger lime – 5ea


Falafel crumpet, tahini, pickled onion, soft quail egg – 8ea


Handmade shanklish, charred dill cucumbers – 16


Tomatoes, smoked almond tarator, salted barberries, pickled garlic – 19


Eggplant “makdous”, walnut, Aleppo pepper, sour leaves, zaatar nori crisps – 24


Cured albacore tuna, fava puree, confit peppers, basturma oil – 24


Warm hummus, shawarma chicken bits, tahini, pickles, saj – 24


Kifta nayyeh, roasted chilli, walnuts, mint, egg yolk, lavosh – 26


Coal grill octopus. zucchini, green strawberry, preserved lemon, isot pepper – 27


Prawn shish barak fatteh, fermented chilli butter, yoghurt, nuts, chickpea – 29


Spatchcock, fenugreek, kishk, pickled peppers – 39


Line caught snapper samke harra, chilli, tahini, nuts, succulents – 44


Honey brined wagyu brisket, charred eggplant puree, pickled kohlrabi, bay – 48


Lamb collar, carob molasses, mujaddara, crispy onions, rose petals – 46


Winter salad of brussel sprouts, smoked leek, celtuce, brick pastry and raw almond cream – 21


Slow roasted pumpkin, garlic labne, pomegranates, spiced pepitas, date molasses – 21


Roasted cauliflower, wood roasted grapes, smoked almond crumb, ras el hanout – 22


Freekeh polow of king oyster mushroom, hazelnuts, baladiye cheese, zhug, nettle and vine leaves – 24


Rose and mastic Booza, persimmon granita, pistachio – 14


“Maamoul”, Arabic coffee dates, whipped custard, soured cream, walnut, crisp pastry – 16


Basboosa semolina cake, salt baked pineapple, ashta, cardamom ice cream – 16


Orange Blossom and cranberry nougat, rose lokum, apricot mafroukeh – 9

10% surcharge applies on public holidays
groups of 7 or more will be required to dine from our $79 set menu or $69 set menu


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Shop 3, 490 Crown Street
Surry Hills NSW 2010

Ph: 02 9331 3413


Tuesday – Saturday dinner : 5.30pm to 10pm

Thursday – Saturday lunch : 12pm to 2pm

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