Nour is built on a dream of presenting classic Lebanese flavours in a fresh, exciting way. We’ve all seen what the beautiful tangy tenors of pomegranate molasses do for a salad, we know that we can mould meat on a stick and cook it over coals to make it pack a punch of flavour and all power to the sultry eggplant that shines when dressed as baba ganoush.


Why then, would we deem to adapt that which has worked for decades?


Because we think you deserve to know what the little country on the Mediterranean has hiding in its Cedar branches. Take a leap outside of the box while your eyes flirt with our beautiful, contemporary interior and your senses are set alight. You think you know Lebanese food but we want to show you the surface is yet to be scratched and there is so much more to offer.


At Nour, we take classic Lebanese flavours and playfully tease out their full potential. Who said falafel has to roll to the same old beat, meal after meal? Why does eggplant only get to hang out smashed with tahini? Don’t you think the humble vine leaf deserves to encase a little mystery once in a while? We use an unrestricted approach to create food and cocktails that are vibrant and bold, yet familiar and comfortable. So dive in and lose yourself to a feast of enchantment that you’ve never tried before.



Freshly shucked Sydney rock oysters, fresh rose mignonette – 5ea


Grilled Mooloolaba scallop, Arabian xo – 8ea


Chicken bits shawarma, tarator, pickled cabbage, yoghurt bread – 12ea


Cabbage skewer, harissa, macadamia tahini – 12ea


Wagyu intercostal skewer, biber salçası, Armenian pickled cucumber –  12ea


Beetroot, sheep’s curd, pomegranate dressing, house pita – 24


Chemen cured beef basturma, medjool date & vine leaf salata – 22


Yellowfin tuna nayyeh, caramelised kishk, bulgur – 28


Wood fired eggplant, filfil chouma, Aleppo pepper, herbs, zaatar crisps – 27


Freemantle octopus, chopped muhammara, fried potato, whipped roe – 29


Charcoal Moreton Bay bug, zhug butter,  malawach bread – 48


Grilled Pink Snapper, caramelised tahini, black garlic, finger lime – 49


Dibis glazed lamb shoulder, preserved hindbeh, cacik – 54


Baharat spiced Cape Grim beef short rib 500g, maghour, crisp curry leaves – 59


Rangers Valley black market sirloin MB5+,  house chermoula – 59


Durum orzo, salted mushroom, spring greens – 29


Fattoush, tomatoes, summer purslane, watermelon radish, pomegranates – 18


Fried cauliflower, wood roasted grapes, ras el hanout, smoked almond crumb – 22


Sugar snap peas, saffron cream, sumac barberries – 18


Fresh sorbet of the day – 9


Chocolate parfait, burnt tahini, Iranian fig, crème fraîche – 16


Burnt milk pudding, roasted white chocolate, citrus – 16


Pistachio mafroukeh, soured apricot amardine, ashta cream – 18


Woodfired coconut basbousa, fenugreek custard, Jersey milk ice-cream – 21

Please note menu can change any time due to seasonality
A 10% surcharge applies on public holidays
Groups of 7 or more will be required to dine from one of our banquet menus


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