Nour Lights up Lebanese Dining in Sydney

Nour Lights up Lebanese Dining in Sydney

Nour Lights up Lebanese Dining in Sydney

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Named after the Arabic word meaning light, new Surry Hills restaurant Nour aims to give traditional Lebanese cuisine a contemporary makeover. Nour brings contemporary Lebanese dining to Surry Hills

Opening October 7, Nour is the second culinary venture for restaurateurs Ibby Moubadder and Eleanor Harris, who have a vision to introduce Sydney diners to a re-invigorated style of Lebanese cuisine.

“People think they know what Lebanese food is – fattoush, falafel, baklava – but we want to give them a fresh perspective,” said Moubadder. “At Nour, we’ll take classic Lebanese flavours and interpret them in new, exciting dishes. We think this is how Sydney-siders will fall in love with Lebanese food. A modern and exciting dining experience, but drawing on the fundamentals that we love about our country’s cuisine.”

The menu, designed with the Lebanese tradition of feasting in mind, will have a strong focus on vegetarian dishes and Middle Eastern breads made in-house.

The kitchen will be led by head chef Nader Shayeb, previously of London’s Moro Restaurant, and senior sous chef Ran Kimelfeld, from Tel Aviv’s Raphael Restaurant. The duo worked closely with executive chef Roy Ner, previously of Aria, to curate the menu.

Dishes include small plates of Spiced Kingfish Bastirma and Arabic Lamb Tartar along with larger dishes of Wood Roast Spiced Short Rib with roast carrots, nigella seed and toum béarnaise and Snapper with cuttlefish rice, tahini, nuts and leek.

The bar will serve a Middle Eastern-influenced cocktail list designed by Amir Halpert of The Owl House, while a Mediterranean-focused wine list has been created by Ned Goodwin.